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What Each Instagram Feature Can Accomplish For Your Business

Instagram has no shortage of great features - but the question is, what does each feature accomplish, and how can they be best used? Check out the top seven features & what each of them can accomplish for you and your business.

Instagram Reels Are Great For Creating Exposure

  • Reach users who aren’t following you

  • Educate the followers you do have

  • Provide engaging & entertaining content

Instagram Stories Helps Connect & Sell To Your Audience

  • Selling to your audience

  • Humanize Your Business

  • Communicate messages that don’t need a post

  • Clickable links to help direct traffic to a website

Instagram Highlights Is A Showcase For Your Brand

  • Showcase Work, Reviews, Philosophies and More

  • Acts as a mini website - Showcase services

  • Answer FAQ’s

  • Explain processes and FYIs to users

Instagram Pinned Posts Are For Your Most Important Content

  • Quickly and effectively educate users on what your business is about

  • Relay key messages

  • Ensure users see desired posts during page visits

Instagram In Feed Posts Establish The Overall Brand

  • The face of your business

  • Communicate call to action to users

  • Encourgage engagement

  • Build and display your brand

Instagram Direct Messages Builds Relationships

  • Answer questions

  • Close sales

  • Humanize brand

  • Connect with users directly and form relationships

Instagram Live Establishes Authority

  • Build trust with users

  • Establish credibility

  • Answer questions in real-time from users

  • Provide more in-depth explanations and thoughts

Be sure to save & reference the next time you are deciding which features could be best utilized to accomplish your business goals!

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