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Best of Edmonton: Parks

Edmonton is home to some of the most beautiful parks and nature areas in Alberta, making it the ideal location for a summer getaway. From lush green spaces to picturesque lakes and rivers, you're sure to find something that will make your trip extra special. Here are five of the best parks in Edmonton and its surrounding area that you should check out this summer:

1. Mill Creek Ravine Park: This park is located in the heart of Edmonton and offers plenty of walking trails with a quiet, back-to-nature environment around the corner from a large public pool. With its playground, walking trails, picnic sites, and other amenities, it's perfect for families looking for a fun day out. The park is perfect for forest lovers who love to explore.

2. William Hawrelak Park: Located just outside downtown Edmonton on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River, William Hawrelak Park is a great place to spend your summer days. Enjoy a picnic by one of the many lakes or go fishing in one of them before taking a stroll along one of its well maintained paths. There are also several tennis courts available for those wanting to practice their skills!

3. Sir Wilfrid Laurier Park: This park is located on an island in north-west Edmonton and features an array of activities such as picnicking, swimming, canoeing, bird watching and kayaking - perfect for nature lovers! Visitors can also explore its forested trails or simply enjoy some peaceful time on one its many benches overlooking the lake’s waterfront.

4. Elk Island National Park: Located just 45 minutes east of downtown Edmonton, Elk Island National Park is a great way to escape city life while still being close enough to enjoy all it has to offer! The park has over 800 species of plants including wildflowers and shrubs found nowhere else in Alberta; plus plenty other wildlife like bison, elk and moose which visitors can observe from its viewing stations or take part in tours offered at nearby Beaverhill Bird Observatory.

5. Fort Saskatchewan Riverside Natural Area: Just 40 minutes northeast from downtown Edmonton lies this beautiful natural area with trails leading through forests filled with native plants like lichens, mosses and trees as well as wildlife like beavers and red foxes - perfect for those wanting an outdoor adventure! Before leaving don’t forget to take time out to enjoy breathtaking views from atop Twin Buttes lookout!

This summer why not head out into nature instead of staying indoors? These five parks near Edmonton provide visitors with plenty activities ranging from exploration walks to picnics under shady trees – so grab your friends or family and plan your next outdoor adventure today!

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