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The Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP), which runs until March 31, 2025, provides two grants to help you improve your business with technology. The first grant, called Grow Your Business Online, provides up to $2,400 to establish an e-commerce platform and increase your online sales. The second grant, Boost Your Business Technology, provides up to $15,000 for guidance on which technologies can enhance your business.

Information from this webpage was retrieved from the Government of Canada website and the Alberta Business Link website.

Is your business eligible?

The program is for small and medium businesses that meet a list of criteria. Complete the assessment form by following the link here to find out if your business qualifies to apply for these grants. 

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Boost Your Business Technology Grant

up to $15,000 in funding

The grant will fund 90% of the cost of hiring a digital advisor, with a maximum limit of $15,000. The digital advisor will work with you to determine the most effective digital strategies and pathways for achieving your business objectives.

*must create account

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Grow Your Business Online Grant

up to $2,400 in funding

The Grow Your Business Online grant is currently being offered to small businesses in Alberta through a partnership between the Government of Canada and two Canadian organizations, Business Link and Digital Main Street.

*must create Digital Main Street account

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To ensure your business meets the eligibility requirements, please have the following information ready for the application:
  • Business name

  • Business owner’s name and contact information

  • Business structure

  • Number of years in business

  • Alberta business registration number

  • Articles of incorporation (include all pages of the document for upload)

    • OR Sole Proprietorship Registration Statement (include all pages of the document)

    • OR Partnership Registration Statement (include all pages of the document)

  • Industry type and NAICS code

  • Proof Of Payroll Source Deductions Paid (PD7A and/or notice of assessment for payroll from CRA) for upload

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Canadian small businesses can certainly benefit from digital business development grants tho can help them grow and succeed. However, the application process for these grants can be complex and time consuming. That’s where Best Marketing Co. comes in - we can guide you through the entire process from start to finish, helping you maximize their chances of getting approved for the grant you need, giving your business the best chance at receiving the funds it needs to reach your goals.

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