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Who we're powering, and who's powering us.

Working with some of the best in the business.


Meet the Woman Behind the Operation:

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Cameo Hanlon
Owner & Director of Strategy
Bachelor of Commerce, University of Alberta

Cameo is an honors graduate of the Alberta School of Business, as well as a former varsity basketball player for the University of Alberta Pandas.


She has a passion for marketing from both a visual and analytics perspective, and firmly believes that a thoughtful, value-centric digital presence is essential for any brand looking to maintain a competitive advantage in today's increasingly aggressive marketplace.

Cameo herself is a marketing generalist, meaning that she is highly skilled at executing the full range of deliverables needed to craft a comprehensive brand presence. As a result of this, she often acts as a fractional CMO for small to medium sized organizations or start-ups in need of full-suite marketing implementation.


Outside of this, Cameo specializes in academic-based marketing, with a focus on helping design and implement recruitment and retention strategies and campaigns on behalf of academic and learning-based institutions.


Experience a network worth of results, all from one partnership:

Benefit from the
Best Network

Best Marketing Co employs a team of highly skilled creators and contractors to contribute to projects when necessary, which are all overseen by our director of strategy to ensure that projects are completed to the highest standard. This way, clients are able to experience the collective power of a network of professionals (such as photographers, videographers, writers, & more), without having to individually source and finance each one.

Personal Feel,
Professional Results

Best Marketing Co is relentlessly committed to providing expert results while fostering legitimate, meaningful, relationships, with each and every one of their clients. This boutique model is what makes us who we are, and provides companies like yours with high quality digital presences, without having to assemble them yourselves, or be subject to a less personal, traditional agency experience.

We've gotten to work with some of the Best clients:

OCUS logo white
MIT logo white
pilates RX logo white
university of alberta bears and pandas logo for social media
University of alberta logo for social media
MIT social media logo
UNBC logo for social media
Elite athlete services logo whtie
pint downtown social media
AMR design logo for social media
malt and mortar edmonton alberta social media logo
VIDA logo white for social media
Hela ventures logo white
the talent effect marketing branding for social media
home and away bar edmonton and calgary alberta social media
space race cannabis Alberta company
MIT logo colour
Smoke bbq and bar edmonton alberta

We saved this spot for you:

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